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Once a year at HomebrewTalk we drop the price of supporting membership as part of our annual supporting membership drive.
A supporting membership is a great way to enhance your experience on HomeBrewTalk. You receive a much larger pm box, the ability to add an avatar, this nifty little graphic under your username letting others know you support the community,

Nifty yes?
No waiting between posts, the ability to turn off ads both on site and in the mobile apps, and of course, if you send me your name and address after signing up, this also very nifty vinyl decal to slap on your bumper, carboy, fermenter, or wherever you choose to represent HomeBrewTalk.

Oh that's nice!
Your upgrade helps in so many ways; Legal, software updates and development, servers and hosting, basically the ability to bring you HomeBrewTalk.
Follow this link now to get signed up at the low low cost of $19.95 (Wow, that's 20% off...nifty). This special pricing will come to an end soon so make sure you sign up now.
From everyone at HomeBrewTalk we greatly appreciate your consideration.
To sign up please follow this link now.
The HomeBrewTalk Team

Perhaps you should offer this discount to those who renew their supporting membership? It would be a great way of showing your appreciation for those members who continue to support HBT
I agree. My membership renews in January, and I've been a supporting member for some time. I'd like the opportunity to take advantage of this as well.