Help me sort out a Christmas holiday beer recipe. (dark, spiced, licorice ?, Maris Otter ?...)

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brewman !

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Nov 27, 2006
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Hello people.

I want to brew a Christmas holiday beer. I'm looking for something dark, stronger and spiced. A heavier, warming, sipping sort of beer. Not a session beer.

I've looked at several recipes. The one I like best, so far, is Gordon Strong's Holiday Prowler. Winter Seasonal Beers - Brew Your Own Has anyone brewed this ?

Gordon describes an updated version of this recipe on page 239 of Modern Homebrew Recipes. It has a completely different grain list, most of which I don't have access to. (Golden Promise, Dark Munich, Aromatic malt...) I already have Maris Otter for the first version.

I'd use US04 instead of a liquid yeast. I have some dried licorice root. Would it work in the recipe ?

Thoughts/suggestions ? Can anyone suggest a better recipe ?

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