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Dec 10, 2014
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I recently picked up a bunch of kegging equipment. The price was good just for the Cornelius keg and CO2 bottles, but I got a bunch of other stuff too that I’m now trying to identify so I can bring it up to snuff.
I have two squat kegs with nothing besides “Firestone” legible on them. I’ve gone through a few Homebrewing sites trying to find a rebuild kit that looks right, but I’m not seeing anything and I don’t know what this kind of keg/lid is called. Any guesses?
(Male hand for scale)
They're known as "Firestone" kegs. There are definitely parts out there for em but might take some shopping around. Can't say I've used one personally.
Hmm. That's definitely diff than the normal Firestone Spartanburg kegs. Not finding much for Akron ones. Seems Firestone Akron made more milk jugs than anything. Wonder how old that is. May be extra tough to find parts.
Yeah...that's very interesting. The O-rings should be standard size...for the lid...have you tried to see if one of the standard larger lid O-rings works? I would assume those are pin-lock style?

If you can get that thing cleaned and polished up...that's vintage-looking cool methinks.
I have a keg with a round lid similar to that. It doesn't have that hat looking underside. Does the piece that looks like a hat come off? Does it hold the o-ring on?
That style lid "clamps" by compressing the lid O-ring with the butterfly screw. The thing I don't know is if a standard oval ball lock lid O-ring (or even a race track lid O-ring) would fit.
Otherwise the rest of the O-rings (post and dip tube) are likely standard bits...


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