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Nov 25, 2021
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So I bought the fermzilla 55 liter ... Not a small investment for me ... And built a fermentation chamber big enough to hold it ... Also not cheap

I followed the kegland assembly instructions ...

But I got confused and accidentally put one of the extra, spare O-rings they give you around the spigot where the dump valve screws onto - so there are now 2 o rings where there should be only one and the dump valve is well and truly jammed and won't come off ...

I can unscrew the left hand thread collar that clamps the whole assemble to the inside of the tank, but not far enough to actually get it off the tank, cause it's blocked by the dump valve

I didn't use any lube so the extra friction caused by an o ring that shouldn't be there is definitely not helping.

Main question to fermzilla users:

Which way does the butterfly/dump valve screw OFF? Clockwise or anti clockwise?(Assuming fermenter is upright with dump valve at bottom)

I can't remember which way it went on ...

The instructions seem to say it comes off anti clockwise - but they are confusing - and it's not budging.

Any advice on how to get it off without destroying the delicate plastic tank and my entire investment with it would be very much appreciated ...
Is this the correct direction to unscrew the dump valve and get it off?