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Nov 6, 2009
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Hi guys, i live in the UK and i need the help of just one friendly american. Specifically one from North Dakota!

My friend has started a really funny blog called The DA, taking a satirical look at the daily goings on in the world of football.... sorry, SOCCER! Its become huge here in the UK and even in america. he has had hits from every single state...except one.

The North Dakotans, if thats the corect collective term, have eluded him so far and he asked if i knew anyone willing to help. I didnt. but i did know where to find a group of friendly americans willing to help a complete stranger! If youre from North Dakota or know someone there read on -

all you need to do is visit his site The DA and if youre feeling particularly friendly, leave a comment somewhere allong the lines of "Hello from North Dakota!" mention Chard sent ya :)

I know he would be extremely happy and no doubt would praise you in his comical ramblings on our strange native sport.