Hefeweizen with Maris Otter

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Feb 19, 2012
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Hey y'all I am thinking of doing a all grain 50% Maris Otter and 50% wheat malt hopped with Tettnang for 60 min fermenting with Wyeast 3068

Any thoughts do you think this will still be a good Hef? My wife wants a Hef and I have 21# of Maris Otter left over from a 55# bag. I hope someone has done this...

Also should I use torrefied wheat or just normal wheat malt and should I add some rice hulls? I have not done a all grain with wheat before I always do my Hef with extract...
Thanks!!! :mug:
Maris Otter will make a fine Hefeweizen, as I can attest from personal experience, having brewed at least 400bbl of the stuff. ;-)

I've never needed rice hulls with a 50/50 mix of pale and wheat malts, but if it'll stop you worrying, add a fistful or two.

Use wheat malt, not torrefied wheat. If you have torrefied wheat you're looking to use up, use it, but don't exceed 25% of the grist.