Heating Elements not tight in Electric Kettle

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Dec 13, 2007
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So I have my Couplings welded in (2) 1" half couplings, and because of the difference tapered thread (coupling) and the straight thread (element) I can't screw the element all the way into the coupling to secure the gasket that comes with the element. I know this issue is posted on George Schmidt's page, (http://www.brewing.schmidt-house.com/ElectricKettle.htm). Does anyone have a practical solution to solving this problem. My ideas are:

1. adding spacers (washers) to close the gap between the gasket and the coupling
2. use food grade silicon to help seal.
3. ?your idea here :)

If i was to do it again, I would weld a straight thread SS locknut to the outside of the keg instead of the tapered half couplings.

Thanks for any advise
I used just a 1" SS half coupling on my kegs and I didnt have any problems getting them to seal. They screwed all the way in to the rubber gasket. Are you using standred Heating elements?
heating element is just the 1500 watt 120V from Lowe's and the SS coupling was from Mcmaster-Carr 4464K226.
Most heating elements are standard npt. Maybe the coupling warped when it was welded. It might need to be chased out with a tap.
Are you lubricating it well with teflon tape? Couplings do get tweaked when welded. Get yourself a 1/2" MPT plug at depot, lubricate and wrench it in tight. That should help get it cleaned up. If not, running it with a pipe tap is a good idea.
Is this an element with a washer type gasket, it should not be tapered. I've read time and time before: "for 1inch NPT", but it's very obvious that this gasketed thread is not tapered. Also, you should not use any tape or dope, as it will only make it tighter.
I have 1" couplings also. I punched a hole through an electrical box and put the rubber washer behind it. I don't have any leaks.