Hazy film on bottles from dishwasher - do I use them?

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Nov 6, 2007
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Well, I thought I was going to get my bottles super clean by doing a pot scrub setting in the dishwasher (no soap) but the bottles have come out hazy/cloudy like they have a misty film over them? What happened? I was ready to bottle tonight but now I'm not so sure.:confused:
I tried cleaning them in warm water but it's not coming off, they almost look like I've sanded them with a fine grit sandpaper.
I did put a couple of teaspoons of sanitiser in the dishwasher I'm thinking it might be baked on or something?
Anyone have any ides? Should I abandon bottling with these bottles?
thanks all in advance.
dishwashers suck for cleaning beer bottles. they're only useful for two things:

1. high heat dry setting is pretty effective for sanitizing bottles that are already clean
2. the rack is real handy for holding bottles upside down until right before you fill them

dishwashers are made for dishes and wide mouth glasses, not longneck bottles. the other downside is jet dry rinse agents, and even most dishwasher detergents...totally coat glass with crap that ruins beer head retention.

to get bottles clean, before sanitizing, you need a bottle brush and some elbow grease. there are water pressure driven devices that work on all but the toughest gunk...and a soak in oxyclean will usually break up organics enough to remove.

when it doesn't, I toss the bottle.
these were bottles I've used before, and after use I rinse VERY well in HOT water immediately after pouring into the glass.
Hmmm.... well I bottled using them, if I have any bad news to report I shall do so.
What detergent did you use? And does your dishwasher use Jet-Dry? (Even the "built-in" kind?)

Those are the 2 most common culprits. I dont even wash my bottles, I just rinse them really well after emptying them, store them upside down, and then sanitize on bottling day.
Powder sanitizer can leave a white film on things if left to dry sometimes, so can dishwasher detergent. I would bet its some type of soap film.
OK I hate to admit this but I did lick the outside of the bottle :cross: to see if I can taste any soapy residue (I'm still alive so far) it had no taste at all?

The sanitiser I used was 'Brewvint Cleanitizer' aprox 2 tablespoons, and I just checked the dishwasher is out of jet-dry (I never fill it). I also did a second wash with no sanitiser just a hot rinse in case it was some soap residue. I'm thinking the Brewvint got baked on with the heat dry setting of the dishwasher, the wife ran a regular load of dishes after and they came up spotless.:(

I did take the bottle brush to the inside of each bottle with some warm/hot water after the dishwasher episode prior to bottling.

I don't think I'll be using the dishwasher in future, hot rinse and sanitise like I always did will be the ticket.
Dag nabbit, sorry to hear.

Some people have had excellent luck using vinegar to remove powdery residue?

Such as when you soak a carboy in OxyClean too long?
I ALWAYS use the dishwasher to clean and sanitize with just a tiny bit of sanitizer, heated dry ON.

I have never had problems of any kind. I have bottled thousands of beers. I also figure that the warm bottle gives the carbonation a tiny head start.