Haven't been around much lately :(

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Oct 20, 2005
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Nanaimo, BC
Man, I've been away too much from the forums and, even sadder, from brewing. Damn medic courses and exams and liceining exams.... :(

After this thursday, hopefully I can return.. though.. i have just bought a snowmobile and... hmm.. wait.. I'll need beer for the post snowmobile relaxation..... :D

See you all very soon...

david_42 said:
"Work is the curse of the drinking class."

So far it has been unpaid. As in courses and exams. Soon to be an EMR (min. requirement for amubulance services in BC). Did my practical exams for licencing, just have the written thursday morning. As you can see I'm procrastinating... at uh.. 1:50am... :)

It's annoying. Had to do practicals and written in the course then have to do more to get your licence. Makes it hard to study the same material...again! lol

Well, time for some sleep I suppose. Why is it I can feel sleepy right to the moment I turn the lights out and my head hits the pillow? .. then I'm instantly awake!