Have you ever failed with stabilization?

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Apr 16, 2023
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Northern Europe
I failed stabilizing my lemon wine (skeeter). I had split it into my main carboy and a smaller jug, I bottled a few which didn't fit into the carboy. I opened one last friday after a month and it had a decent carbonation, if I wanted a low carbonated sparkling wine. I've always racked before I stabilized with n/k-meta and sorbate, but didn't this time. Based on my notes I even back sweetened without racking... Oops.
Do you think you'll do the low carbonated wine with a different fruit? Turn an Oops into a Plus?
Actually my sorbate is bad, even though it's best before date is in December. I had another brew which continued fermenting in the bottle.
Unless it's obviously changed, I'd be skeptical that sorbate has gone bad.

Numerous things affect the ability of stabilizers to do their job. For example, K-Meta is really pH dependant.

So there may just be a good chance that your wine needs a slightly higher dose for the effect you are looking for.
It might have been that it never worked. As the only one it has "worked" was my redcurrant mead, but I also filtered it through a 1-2micron gravity filter.

My skeeter pee and still ginger beer became bubbly in the bottle. I'm not risking any more brews with that. Before this I used a powder which had sulfite, sorbate and gelatin pre-mixed.

I'd also point out that I didn't buy it from a HBS. Their sorbate might be old stock with a made up expiration date.