Harvesting Frontenac grapes

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Oct 4, 2013
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Hello everyone!! I'm new here, and have been making wine for just a few years. I've been buying my grapes from a vineyard in the Finger lakes, but have been growing my own grapes.

This is my grape's third year since planting, and there is a modest harvest... and even after reading all I can about WHEN to harvest, I still have questions! :cross:

Half my grapes are Frontenac, and they appear "ripe". I measured the sugar a week ago, and it was 20Brix, and I measured it again today, and it is still 20Brix. I read somewhere that Frontenac grapes hold alot of sugar in their skins, that are not released until fermentation, so fresh juice will show a lower sugar than is really there. (am I making any sense?? :drunk:)

Anybody have any words of wisdom? Should I harvest them now or wait til the sugar reads higher?