Happy Thanksgiving - BrewsbySmith Giveaway Underway!

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It's Thanksgiving, and aside for being grateful to all of you for making HomeBrewTalk your home online, I'm grateful to Greg from BrewsbySmith for donating his awesome STC 1000 kit to be given away to one lucky winner!

The DIY kit consists of the following:
  • STC-1000 flashed with latest software (v1.06 currently) w/temp sensor
  • Plastic enclosure, pre-machined for:
  • three prong 120V inlet (screw type mounting)
  • zinc plated mounting screws and nylon insert locknuts
  • 10amp time delay fuse
  • (2) three prong 120V outlets
  • two position molex connector male/female for temp sensor
  • Mil-spec rubber grommet for temperature sensor exit
  • 14 gauge wire for internal wiring of STC-1000 to inlets/outlets
  • 6ft 16 gauge power cable
Please follow this link now for complete rules of entry and to get entered.
From everyone at HomeBrewTalk and BrewsbySmith we hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
Very nice of Greg and it does look very well produced!
Though, I'm a bit bummed that (apart from the engraving on the case in the picture), STC-1000+ is not even mentioned in the text.
The STC-1000+ project is located at:
and the thread for discussion of everything STC-1000+ related can be found here:
"The firmware is what ties the STC-1000's hardware devices together and determines which key functions the controller will support.
The firmware version is responsible for the controller's menu navigation, the order that the settings are displayed to the user and if the controller supports Celsius or Fahrenheit.
The default firmware that ships with an off the shelf STC-1000 only comes with support for Celsius and basic temperature control.
All BrewsBySmith STC-1000+ controllers ship with the latest v1.06 firmware to deliver greatly increased precision and functionality over other off the shelf model controllers."
I'll admit I am a huge fan of the BrewsBySmith Fermentation Kit and the advanced features available in the STC-1000+ controller, I won't ferment another batch of beer without one.