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Happy Memorial Day weekend from wilserbrewer BIAB SALE

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May 25, 2007
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New Jersey
Happy Memorial Day home brewers.

wilserbrewer Memorial Day Sale is on now...

Sale offers...

1. $5 off BIAB Grand slam w/ double 1/4” pulley kit, $48 value, $43 shipped
2. $3 off 2nd bag “add a bag” purchase, $18 value $15 shipped (can be combined with other sale options listed for super value)
3. $4 off rectangular cooler bags, $33 value $29 shipped.
4. $3 off a BIAB bag, $27 value, $24 shipped
5. Free hop bag and hop sock with any purchase at regular pricing.

Please choose and indicate sale option when emailing kettle dimensions to wilser.
Please wish wilserbrewer a “Happy MDW” to receive sale pricing / PayPal credits.
All sale credits will be refunded promptly thru PayPal.

Thanks and have a great weekend.
God bless America!