Happy HolidaySs from SsBrewingTechnologies!

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I really hope you've all enjoyed the giveaways over the past year!
It was quite the year seeing one giveaway after another. If you're one of the lucky few who won something during our 10th anniversary year congrats!
SsBrewingTechnologies is back with the final sponsor giveaway of the year, and your final chance to bring home a prize.
SsBrewingTechnologies is giving away 8 awesome prizes this holiday season, starting with their 7 Gallon Chronical Fermenter with FTS temp controller, and that's just the beginning.

They are also giving away their Brew Master Bucket with FTS temp controller, one each of their Kettles (one 20 gallon, one 15 gallon, one 10 gallon), and $100 gift certificates to three lucky winners.

If you didn't win anything all year this is your final chance. Follow this link now for complete rules of entry and to get entered!
As you settle into the holidays, and start thinking of ideas for Christmas presents, please think of our fantastic sponsors over as SsBrewingTechnologies. Every brewer would love to wake on Christmas day to see this beautiful fermenter under the tree.

From everyone at SsBrewingTechnologies and HomeBrewTalk we want to thank you for your support, and wish you luck in the giveaway!