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May 9, 2005
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My wife bought me a Youngs Happy Brewer kit for our wedding aniversary. I have no experience of brewing but have always been interested in it.
It came with a fermenting keg, yeast packet, c/o2 capsule, and two unmarked tins.

My wife lost the instructions but there are some instructions with it, I am a little confused as to whether i put both tins contents in the keg? they both look and weigh about the same,

Please help as i want to get it started tonight


dan Bennett
Is it a king keg thing like this???
If so, here's the instructions.
Sterilise the keg and all things you're gonna use with it... (should have got sterilizer as well - did you?)
While thats happening leave the 2 tins in a sink of warm water to soften them up a bit. Boil 6 pints of water and add them to the rinsed keg. Pour both tins in and mix around. Add 29 more pints of cold water and mix around again. Sprinkle the yeast on the top. Tighten the cap and put in warm room for about 3 weeks.
Make sure the rubber on the pressure valve (underneath the lid) covers the little hole in the brass else the co2 comes out - i learnt the hard way!

Course if you have something entirely different then all bets are off - couldn't find "youngs happy brewer" in google...
All the best

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