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Mar 13, 2021
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Sparks, NV
Hey HBT Friends!
Time to celebrate some freedom and independence! Now through July 5th at midnight, we're celebrating by offering 21% Off store-wide so you can brew or build whatever you want!
Just use the code 'BANGITOUT' at checkout! All of our Free Shipping over $59 and 2 Day Air Yeast Shipping still apply, just an added 21% off of your cart across the board.

We just published a pale ale new recipe kit, Peachwave, (extract and all grain, of course) which is hopped with the Cryo Pop Hop Blend for anyone looking for a reason to try out something fun and new. We used Imperial Kveiking on ours because it's hot out, lol. Fermented about 85 F, and the profile goes very well with the WP and double dry hop regiment so far (just kegged, so a little time will tell all).

Cheers, and have a great weekend! Brew On! 🎆 :mug: