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Apr 28, 2013
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I just recently purchased a Hanna pH meter (HI98127) off Amazon a few months back. I never got a chance to use it but I opened it up and added storage solution to it for the sensor.

Yesterday I decided to finally try it out, the sensor was still wet with storage solution so I rinsed it with Distilled water as per the instructions and placed it into a glass of water. The display kept showing "14.25". I took the sensor out of the water, rinsed with distilled water again and then placed it into some calibration fluid (7 pH) and it still read "14.25".

I called Hanna tech support up and told them what was going on and they responded with "It doesn't surprise me, we cut all ties with Amazon and they are probably sitting on a bunch of old stock and the sensors probably became damaged." All they needed from me was my dated invoice from Amazon and they are sending me a new sensor, no charge, no questions asked.

With the other stories I read on here about faulty pH meters (and not just the Hanna ones), I wonder if this is the reason? That the meters are sitting on the shelf too long and the sensors are going bad?

In any event, the Tech support at Hanna was great!