Hambleton Bard Beer Sphere Problem

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Dec 31, 2004
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Hi, I have an annoying problem with my beersphere. I put in 40 pints of beer and it pressured up with secondary fermentation and worked fine. That is, until the presure ran out and I had to add some CO2. Now, i don't get a steady flow, I get a lot of gas and a fluctuatig flow, that never quite fills the pipe fully. The reult is I have to put in a couple of bursts of gas every few pints as Im loosing so much pressure. The holes in the float are definitely belove water level. I think the gas is getting into the system from between the small gap between the sphere that provides the buoyancy and the plastic cylinder it is housed in. This is the first use I've had of a Beer Sphere and it is severly annoying me. Does anyone know how to get round this?

Thanks :mad: :mad: :mad:
Problem solved with a bit of advice from the guy in "Village home brew".
The tube that fits in the bottom of the float sometimes gets pushed too far up when they assemble it at the factory, the result being that it is not under water properly and therefore allows gas to escape as wellas/instead of beer.

Yippee. :) :)