Half batches: last for months? in a 5-gallon corny?

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Dec 31, 2007
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Dirty South
My brother-in-law and I are splitting batches of brew.

I love the 2.5-gallon corny kegs, but they're pretty expensive.

so i'm thinking of just buying a few 5-gallon corny kegs...and thus my question:

is there anything wrong with filling the keg only half-way up?

will the brew still last for months after i tap it? (using a CO2 tank)

thanks for your help,
The extra space will just be taken up by CO2. You'll probably end up going though CO2 quicker, but that's it.
Just purge the keg with CO2 before filling. I've got a couple barleywines that are partially full and have been for years.
and the beer will last for months?

i've read a few times that kegged beer will only last a month.

not true with corny kegs, right?
Right. As long as you keep the headspace filled with co2, you'll be fine. Just think of a keg as a big bottle. If you open it up, then your beer will be flat and stale. If you keep it closed and the co2 in the headspace (like a capped beer bottle), it'll fine for ages.