Guy gets Brady's helmet tatooed...on his head!?

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ohiobrewtus said:
I'm an NFL nut and I love my Lions, but no way would I ever get a tat on my freaking head.

HighPlains - don't be surprised if you get a PM from a mod about your avatar.

Whoops...I loaded the wrong one fixing now...

That was cheap beer anyhoo.
perrrrfect avatar, says I.
orfy said:
Better than getting an head on your helmet!!!
Kinda like the puppy for Christmas deal, great idea at the time. I'm just dying my hair blue and yellow for the weekend.:rockin:
Pugilist said:
Poor Chewbacca didn't age well, he looks lonely.

That's only Chewie's illegitimate man-child. One night out after an away game in Detriot and Chewbacca got 18 years of child support...