Gunk on sidewalls of keg above beer

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Nov 5, 2009
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Grand Haven
Ale had been in the keg carb'ing for two weeks. I took off lid to put in my dry hop charge and noticed some gunk on the inside of the keg lid. I also noticed this same stuff (looks like caramel colored sawdust) on the walls of the keg. I tilted the keg to see the walls beneath the top of the beer level, they looked clean.

I don't really taste any off flavors, but hadn't really noticed this on previous kegs. (I am fairly new to kegging) It is, however, cloudier than it was in the transfer from fermenter to the keg.

Is this normal? I couldn't find much in the archives about gunk/residue in the keg with beer still in it...
Was the beer done fermenting when you transferred it to the keg? Sounds like the ‘gunk’ could be leftover krausen from a mini fermentation inside your keg.
That's a great thought. However, it had been at FG -1.010 - for a week.(21 days in the fermentor) Also with US-05 I had cold crashed to 34 for the first week in keg and then 40* for the second week at serving temp. I would guess the Ale yeast would be too cold to start a secondary fermentation???

I was wondering what a contaminated kegged beer might look like, again, I don't really taste an off flavor.... yet...