Guinness Stout nitros

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Aug 8, 2007
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I was reading this article about how the widget works in guinness bottles.

If this is really how the widget works, couldnt home brewers just repeat the process...Fill a guinness bottle with beer. Add liquid nitrogen to the bottle. and cap it? Obviously the trouble lies in getting the liquid nitrogen, but is that the general idea of the whole process? Probably a stupid question, but I am bored at work and my brain wheels are turning.
The goal is to replicate the beer from a nitrogen-powered keg tap.

If you were to just squirt some liquid nitrogen into bottles, then capped them would probobly lead to grenades. You could add compressed nitrogen combined with a reduced priming sugar, but from reading the above site, that would not work either.

In the end, it would probobly be easiest to just get your own nitrogen-powered kegging system.

You could run beer gas, higher pressure, and (much!) longer beer line to balance the system. The end result would be carbed up beer that's served w/ nitrogen.