Growler filler works as bottle filler

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Yeah, not sure if the guy is still selling the one linked in the previous post, but if he is they're quite handy. The Amazon one would work as well, assuming you've got the standard faucets and not Perlicks (the description says its too thick to fit inside the Perlick). Basically its just a tube that connects to the faucet that you can pour the beer down. Its not quite like a counterpressure filler, but if you take some precautions it should work about as well. Make sure your bottles are really cold, and you'll have to turn the pressure down quite a bit, but hopefully the foaming is limited. Capping on the foam should reduce the chances for oxygenation. I've got my Bowie Bottler attached to a chunk of tubing with a steel rod/stopper that helps to increase the pressure in the bottle and keep foaming down even further, so that's something to think about that you may need to add if the Amazon one foams too much.