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Dec 3, 2006
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I have been brewing for several years now, and have also been making cider and mead. Lately, Ive gotten interested in growing my own grapes to make wine. I have some books on the way, but have a couple questions. When is the best time to plant? Also, how many years does it take to get a harvest big enough to make a 5 gal batch? Im in southwest MO, everything Ive read tells me Im in a good growing region, and theres a winery not too far away. Not looking to get into the business, just want to make some good home grown wine. Thanks
Early spring is a good time to plant grape vines, maybe late fall. I'd expect year 2 you'd get an OK harvest, year three is really when to expect a 'full harvest' assuming everything is going well.
Thanks. Looks like Ill have to find a place to buy some grapes 50 lbs at a time for now
Let us know how this turns out. I live in KCMO and I am interested to see how your crop fares. I've always thought it would be really cool to grow your own grapes. I was always concerned about costs and having the crop die off. How much is it going to cost you to get your vines started up?
The best tip I got was from a grape producer in Grand Junction, he said that you need to keep your vines running east to west. That way they never go behind the shadow of the one next to it...other than that, it's just like growing anything else.
Also, Check with your county extension agent. They will be listed under county government.