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Feb 18, 2008
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New Zealand!
I was walking past the imported beer row in the supermarket, as you do. I saw an over priced 473mL (yes 473, weird number I know), bottle of Grolsch Premium Lager (swing top) beer from Holland. I brought it more for its looks then anything else, as it was pretty high in price considering.

After I consumed it (and very nice too BTW), it got me thinking about the swing top. Why isn't it used much? The beer was well carbonated. Does anyone use these bottles, or others similar for homebrew? Is there any reason why you couldn't?

The swing top needed a decent amount of pressure to tighten, so should have a good seal. I was thinking of trying one instead of a PET bottle...
They aren't used commercially much because crown-cap bottles are cheaper and easier to deal with in automated bottling plants.

Homebrewers however, use them all the time! Most of us probably value Grolsch bottles more than the beer they once contained. You can also buy empty swing-tops, in clear, brown and blue glass. All work fine, but brown is the best for beer as it blocks UV light that can cause hops to taste "skunky."
Yep, what he said. I have about 5 cases of Grolsch bottles (16 ounce size) and LOVE them for bottling homebrew. Since they are green, I just keep them out of the light- but I do that anyway. I also use those Grolsch bottles to hold my washed yeast until I need it. I even put my ghetto wine (made from Welch's grape juice) in those bottles.

I think the Grolsch we get here tends to be skunky, so I don't really enjoy drinking the beer in the bottles. But I do love those bottles!
I have several cases of the old brown grolsch bottles, I don't use them much any more, but if I ever bottle anything they are the first ones I use.
Oh wow... had no idea these were used. If only they weren't about $4 a bottle to buy down here! Have never had a skunky beer in NZ which is surprising since we're so far away.

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