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Feb 6, 2019
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New homebrewer from NE Ohio! Got a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas and brewed my first batch last weekend-Long Play IPA.

Looking forward to great conversation and tips in my home brewing journey I live in an apartment so, the Mr. Beer system is ideal!

I really like fruit beers and sours but enjoy IPA’s, Porters, and Lagers as well. Looking to do all of these types with my kit to have a variety on hand for people who stop by.

Thanks and Cheers All!
Welcome! So cool you got your first Brew under your belt. How did it go? There are so many great minds here that can help you in making whatever you want. Cider and Mead making are also fun and not too hard, as well as wine. Can't wait to see where this leads for you and best of luck.
Welcome to the group from Minnesota! You'll find that you can do a lot of brewing on the kitchen stove. In winter when it's too cold to do full batches outdoors I like to make 2.5 gal. brew in a bag (BIAB) batches on the stovetop. If/when you are ready to take the next step, you can create your own brew recipes with extract or all-grain. Lots of people here to help if you have questions.