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We get it, you hate BMC.
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Apr 21, 2008
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New Bern
Hey homebrewers,

So far I've done extract brewing, been at it for about 5 months, thinking about starting partial mash. All the beers we have done are in my sig below. Got started when I bought my dad all the equipment/ingredients for our first beer for his birthday. We've been at it together since. We decided to call ourselves Coastarine Brewing Co because he was in the Coast Gaurd and I'm a Marine.

I'm going to have to split off soon though, I'm moving to Pensacola for flight school. :drunk:

Next beer is tomorrow, Coastarine Trappist Tripel, to be entered in a homebrew competition. The only category is belgian tripels, and the winner gets their beer brewed by a local brewery and served on tap at the hosting restaurant. :mug:
The sharp edge is the host of the competition:

I can't remember what brewery is actually making it. They just re-did the website and it no longer has the info on it. Visit one of their 3 (about to be 4) locations and they have info packets and entry forms. That's not the only reason to give them a visit.:mug: