Greetings from Charleston, SC

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May 9, 2024
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Hey y'all, I've been on a 6 year hiatus from brewing due to covid and the birth of our son and daughter but am looking to get back into the hobby. Always looking to meet other brewers in the Carolinas and swap stories, advice and samples. Looking forward to plugging back into this community!

Way to get back in it!
I'm heading to Charleston tomorrow for a concert and hit up a few breweries. Any suggestions?
Thanks! Coast, Cooper River, Hobcaw and Revelry would be the 4 I'd recommend. Westbrook is cool to see too just for the scale of the operation they run. Hobcaw, Westbrook and Two Blokes are all within a short distance of one another in Mount Pleasant. Coast is in North Charleston and Cooper River and Revelry are on the northern neck of downtown Charleston (brewery district). Enjoy your stay and the concert!
Thanks for the tips!
Staying with BIL/SIL in Summerville for a couple of days, then staying in downtown Charleston for a few more.

What about Brewlab, tradesman, High Score or Snafu?

I liked Westbrook beers when I was there last. really liked One Claw. Or was it two claw?
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