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Jan 14, 2008
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Carrollton, TX
hi guys,

Is it Ok to use green bottles for bottling your beer? I have a bunch of Heineken bottles that I could use and it would save me some money instead of buying the brown ones from the brew shop.
They are fine as long as you store your beer in a dark place. I use some green bottles and just store them in the basement storage room that has no windows. If you leave them out in the plane light too long they will start to skunk - so just take care of them and it will be fine.
Depending on how you store your beer, almost any kind of bottle can be used.

When I bottled, I used brown bottles because that is what pretty much any brewer and any publication will tell you is the best. And they are right, they are the best. However, i stored my bottles in my basement, in big rubbermaid tubs. They would go straight from those tubs to my fridge. I am sure that I could have used clear Corona bottles and not have had a problem with skunking.

Anyway, long story short, if you store your beer properly, you probably dont need to worry about the color of your bottles.
my first batch i used half clear corona bottles, and half green heiny bottles...All was fine kept out of sunlight...I stored mine in a cardboard corona case, and in a rubbermade box in my laundry room that doesnt get ANY sunlight, and very little flouresent light...All was fine. Now when I do bottle, I use green and brown bottles only...After I get most of the bottles drank I will slowly get rid of the green, and only use brown...But I keg mostly, so it will just be a six pack once in a while to take places, or give away... Good Luck.