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Feb 13, 2007
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ok so I've read a few threads that have been talking about st pattys days and it got me thinking. It's a hudge holiday here on campus and I was like well lets brew something for the occasion! When I think Irish I think stout and that won't work because we need to be able to consume this in mass quantity without being all that filling. Basically an ale bordering on the light beer side. I was thinking a hybrid of some sort or maybe a blonde.

What I was really thinking would be cool is if there was something I could add that would naturally turn it green. I could always add food coloring, but I think a natural green would be cool. Any ideas on that one? :)
methylene blue :D

I don't know of anything 'natural' to add to it, but it's really not that difficult to color the beer while bottling. Last year I made green beer and added two drops of green food coloring to each bottle as I filled it, it worked fine. Blue food coloring will work OK too.
Then again, a stout really isn't any more filling than a pilsner or blonde ale (actually a whole lot less, since it's supposed to be lower in carbonation), so why not just do St. Paddy's day properly and drink mass quantities of stout. The green colour really should be reserved for everything else.