Green Apple Cider - also a variation included for Peach

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Dec 13, 2011
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Henagar, Alabama
When this is done, it is sweet and tastes and looks like a green apple jolly rancher.
It's going to be bright lime green and look "radio active".
I've made several batches and it is always a favorite with the ladies.

What we need to get started.
A five gallon fermenter.
Ten cans of frozen concentrate apple juice (FCAJ).
A bag of white sugar 4 or five pounds.
~ 3.5-4 gallons of apple juice, I use the cheap stuff from Walmart or Dollar General.
one packet of K1V-1116 yeast

Put a kettle on the stove with one or two quarts of water, bring to a boil and remove from the heat, stir in the sugar and dissolve it completely.
With the FCAJ thawed, add it to the fermenter and half of the apple juice, then add in the sugar water and top off with the rest of the bottled apple juice
Now add in the yeast, some times I will just dump in the packet, others, I will let it "get started" in warm water or apple juice, I really don't believe that it matters.

Install the airlock and let it ferment, 55-70 degrees (K1V-1116 has a wide temperature range), it will ferment dry.
Once it is fermented dry, there won't be much flavor left.

When it is done and clears, usually about 4-8 weeks, transfer it to a keg or your bottling bucket and add in half a bottle of Tea Zone Green Apple Syrup, I buy it on Amazon, ~$23.

If you bottle, it would likely be a good idea to stabilize it prior to adding in the syrup, although the syrup has potassium sorbate in it, I have no clue as to if that is enough for the cider.
I keg so there are no worries for me.

Put it on tap and enjoy.

BTW- I've also added the Tea Zone Peach Syrup to a batch of cider that had fermented dry as well, because peach is a bit more delicate flavor, I used the whole jug in a batch of cider and it turn out great as well.

I suspect that most of the flavors that they offer would provide similar results with the same process.