Great lakes Crushworthy clone

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Jun 26, 2018
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I just tried this citrus wheat ale, it's quite delicious!

It tastes like a blank palette: no fermentation aroma, no aftertaste, no hop floral notes. Very easy to drink. 4% abv. I love the style.

I found the brewers discussing the beer here:

Notes for my future attempts:

Low gravity (under 9 plato; dortmunder by comparison is about 14 Plato) to achieve 105 calories.

Fermented low so most sugars ferment out.

A very small amount of acid malt to help citrus ingredients pop.

Lemon and orange puree and peels added at various times. All they said was the orange peels were added via hopback.

Very light hops

American style wheat ale with neutral yeast.

My first attempt will combine barley, wheat malt and flaked wheat to try to make a pillowy wheat ale following the above guidelines. I will add peels to my first attempt till i find some puree to try. Might add fresh fruit instead. Probably citra hops or those super light "citra noble" hops could be involved.

I could only find one source of info about this newish beer. Any thoughts about ingredient choices or when to add them is welcome!

Try this beer if you haven't!