Illinois Grainfather, Mash Tun, Ball Lock Kegs, Cereal Killer (Joliet/McCook)

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Jan 2, 2012
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Edit- grainfather and kegs pending.

I have the following items listed for sale. I can meet up for delivery in the Joliet or McCook areas.

Grainfather- complete system, great shape. Not pictured but also provided will be a pond pump for running ice water through the cooler. Will also include a plastic 5 gallon fermenter, partial bottle of star san, unopened 4 lb container PBW, hydrometer/tube. $300

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Cereal Killer- Very lightly used. $50

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Ball Lock Kegs- All in excellent condition. 2 bought new, 1 used once. Others had been cleaned for storage. $50/per or all 3 for $120

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Homemade 10 gallon mash tun, SS braided tube for drain. $40

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