Grainfather Glycol Chiller Puddling

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Feb 25, 2013
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I searched the threads and the internet, and I didn't find a conclusive answer. I bought the Grainfather glycol chiller on the Black Friday deal and got it all set up in the garage yesterday. I have a beer in the fermenter and I'm currently doing a cold crash.

All is going well and the unit seems to be performing as designed. I get ready for bed last night and notice that there is a puddle under the base of the glycol unit. I honestly can't tell if it's leaking the glycol solution or it's just condensation from the unit. Thoughts?

The ambient temperature in the garage is about 55 degrees F and it's about 66% humidity. The glycol chiller is set to keep the solution at 23 degrees F and the conical is keeping the beer at 42 degrees F for the cold crash. Even though it's cold in the garage, the unit is still having to work pretty hard to keep up.

Here is what the FAQs page says at Grainfather:

"There is some liquid on the floor under my Glycol Chiller. Is my chiller leaking?​

Touch Panel Edition​

It is highly unlikely that the chiller is leaking glycol. The contents of the puddle is likely to be condensate water which can form on the internal components of the chiller. The base of the chiller has small holes for this condensate water to exit so it does not build up within the unit. In high temperature and/or humidity environments there may be a large amount of condensation which results in a puddle under the chiller. This can easily be dealt with using a towel or mop. if the liquid is glycol it will smell sweet and be slick to the touch.
If you suspect that the liquid is glycol, ensure that the glycol filter cap is tightened firmly (hand tight only). If there is still evidence of glycol leaking after doing this, the silicon seal in the glycol filter may need replacing. You can contact Grainfather Customer Support and request a free replacement seal."

I emailed Grainfather to see if the unit is defective or any advice. I don't see any leaking out of the filter cap or from the hoses. When the unit is running, I can see a drip under the base with a flashlight.

Anyone else have any issues with this unit puddling? Is this pretty normal?
Looks like it’s the filter cap that is causing the puddling. It’s not condensation after all. I’ve removed it and tightened it and made sure that the washer is on correctly. If that doesn’t work, I may try some keg lube to better seal it. However, I would like to make sure I check with Grainfather before I do that just to make sure I’m not introducing foreign matter into the chiller.
I had lots of issues with leaking around the white cap the back. Whenever there was a pool Uber it it was leaking from there. In the end I was able to wrap the threads with Teflon take and that seemed to seal it up.
Thanks. I didn’t think about Teflon tape. It isn’t leaking anymore, but if it does I’ll definitely use some of that. Good idea.