Grainfather Conical cooling hose size?

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Jul 24, 2014
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Hello all.
I was just looking at the Grainfather conical (GF30), and have a few questions I cannot find answers to. I currently have an SS Brewtech 7-gallon Chronical, which has been great. However, the FTSs cooling, using the coils under the lid, becomes a hassle to clean. The Grainfather conical has cooling channels in the fermenter walls, which sounds awesome! What size diameter are those cooling hoses, and how do they attach to the connectors on the GF conical?
I cool using a three-part loop. The pump sits in a water reservoir (Coleman ice chest), and pumps water through an old aquarium chiller, then into the Brewtech coils, and back to the reservoir. If the hoses for the GF conical are 3/8, or something close, I should be able to just utilize them in my three-part loop, right? I’m really curious, but don’t want to buy the thing just to see all of that up close.
Also, how many amps does the heating element draw? I think it said 30W, so it couldn’t even be one amp, right?
Lastly, how on earth are you supposed to draw beer/rack from that dual valve tap way down underneath? Is there room to put a tilted glass underneath?? I guess you could connect appropriately sized hoses, and use them to pour?

Lots of questions. As I said, love my SS Chronical, but I like the idea of the Grainfather cooling sleeves inside the fermenter walls.