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Jun 15, 2021
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Blue Point, NY
I’ve got a Hull Wrecker from Northern Brewer and last I used it, the grains failed to catch consistently. I eventually got through it but decided to take it apart for lube and inspection.

The bearings definitely needed a lot of TLC. A little food-safe grease and they’re a little rough but pretty good. I also cleaned out some rust—I used to wash it with soap and water. I know… not necessary and asking for trouble. It’s been working great for months since the last time it got wet. I don’t think that’s it.

I think the issue is the passive roller catching. It looks like there’s a wear pattern where the passive roller has been rubbing up against the housing. When I reassemble it, I think I can reproduce the issue if I apply gentle pressure just the right way.

The passive roller is held in place by the adjustment knobs which have a lot of slop once the locking screws are loosened. I don’t see what’s supposed to keep the roller centered and not rubbing against the housing (which might be the issue). Maybe a bearing got pushed in too far? Perhaps just the right size washer would do?

Any suggestions?