Gouden Carolus ambrio 1471

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Sep 20, 2008
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I am posting this in the extract forum because that would be the simplest for me as I don't yet have all equipment for AG. Though a partial mash would be possible.

I am wondering if anyone knows how to clone this particular recipe or produce another similar.

What I "remember" from new years, it was unbelievably awesome, up there with Chimay in fact. But at $10 for 25.4oz bottle can be a bit costly. It is a Belgium Amber @ 8%.

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

The following was found on their website if it helps

Technical sheet
Type of beer: Amber
Colour: Light Amber
Alcohol: 8 % VOL
Kind of hops: Only Belgian hops
Wort extract: 13.5 °Pl
Fermentation: High fermentation
Refermentation in the bottle
Lagering: 2 weeks
Conditioning: Bottle: 33 cl and 75 cl
Keg: 20 and 30 l
Tenability: 3 years

The above taken from:http://www.hetanker.be/en/beers/gouden-carolus-ambrio.html
Thanks all