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Aug 6, 2013
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I've only ever brewed one Dry Stout, and it was a kit. I'm looking to build my own recipe, and I'm not sure about which hop to use. This will be a 5 Gallon, partial mash batch.

I was going to use 1 oz. of Saaz at 60 mins., and another ounce of Saaz at 30 mins. I read that Fuggle was a good choice, but how would that choice differ from the Saaz? The only hops I've used in my own recipes have been Cascade and Citra, and I don't think they would be appropriate for this style of beer. Thanks for the help!
We brewed the Irish Car Bomb Stout that can be found on these forums. It called for/we used 1 oz Fuggles at 60 and that's it. Cam out great cause we didn't want a strong hop flavor when adding the vanilla bean and Jamison.
Actually, since stouts only really need bittering hops to balance the flavor, shoot for IBU's. I like the two additions personally but never anything later than 30 minutes. Cheap, high alpha hops are fine. The roasted favors overcome the hop "flavor" so bittier is all you are looking for.
The dry Irish stout I made had 0.5 oz Nugget at 60 min and 1 oz Willamette at 2 min.

FWIW, while not a dry Irish, the RIS I just brewed had 1.75 oz Summit at 60 min and 2 oz Cascade at 0 min.
Saaz is considered more of an aroma hop and given it's low alpha acid content (usually around 4%) is going to take quite a bit to impart any significant IBU's. Fuggle is also low in alpha acids, as are most of the "traditional" English hops. But it is all up to you and what type of stout you are going for. Here is a good site to see what hops are typically used in each style of beer:
I brew dry stouts with more hop character, sort of hybrid dry/American. No crystal, mashed at 148.

Hops I like are Northern Brewer, Columbus, Nugget, and Chinook. None of the citrusy, floral hops go well with the roast flavor in my mind.
Thanks for the advise guys an' gals! I like the idea of Northern Brewer the best so far. Really any good earthy hop would work for what I'm aiming for.