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Dec 14, 2004
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Providence, RI
Doing some field research tonight. Went to the store and picked up a Red Hook IPA, since I’d like to take a shot at one of those. One of the other posts on here kept going through my head. It was so tempting, I had to research it on-line…”Fin du Monde”. Sounds like an amazing brew, but there’s no way I could find it near where I live…or could I. I swear, it seemed like this thing was screaming to me from the cooler….there it was, in all its majesty…”Fin du Monde”. So, I’ve got a lot of “homework” tonight, but hopefully it’ll be enjoyable. Gets better though…As I was putting away some empty bottles, I had found one last bottle from my last batch. I thought I had drank them all, so it was definitely a good find…kinda like finding money in a jacket pocket you know?