Going Pro (nano)

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Yes lol.
What I wouldn't give to be a hotel heir or something so I can brew all day long. Haha
More like a festering wound at this point. What was supposed to be an easy jump into a small scale nano has turned into a full on nightmare. The fun and grandeur disappear pretty quick after the first few thousand. Now the county is having their way with my backside making for some long sleepless nights. It is a long road when you don't have $30k+ to make things happen. I own my site and have no overhead and can literally work for free and am still in limbo, no closer now than I was when I started making moves. Good luck with that itch. It is a long interesting road to go pro.
Man I hope you get up and running soon!!!! Good luck. Keep us posts on how things are advancing!!!!
It's a long and expensive road. My brewery will finally be launching in September after 18 months of chaos. Lots of research, money, paperwork, money, sweat, money, stress and money. Did I mention money?
That is why I am enjoying my "semi-pro" status...or as I call it a "non-commercial nanobrewery". I get a lot of the benefits of a brewery (pouring at beer festivals, name recognition, selling brewery merch, etc). But I don't have to jump through as many hoops since I don't actually sell my beer.
I am already brewing at a nano scale for someone else, I have the itch to go nano on my own though.

Too much I want to do that I can't in regards procedure, recipe and service. Sucks having your hands tied when you know the right thing that should be done but can't because the tradition is set.