going from 1 keg to multiple kegs, what's needed

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balto charlie

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Nov 17, 2005
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Hey folks:
Sorry if this has been done before but here goes:
I will be going from a single keg to multiple kegs in the near future. I currently have the double gauge regulator for 1 keg. I would like a system that can grow. What I need now is a manifold for at least 2 more kegs so I can have at least 3. Eventually I would like to add another regulator for a different amount of pressure.

1)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Do all manifolds allow one to grow?
2)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Can I use my current regulator for 1 keg and the manifold for the rest or does hooking up the manifold negate the possibility of using the valve on the original regulator?
3)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Since I am planning on growth I think it would be better to forgo the easy ‘Y’ and at least get some sort of manifold with valves.
4)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]I would like to have the ability to quick disconnect my gas to take a keg to a party. Where does one install the QD?
5)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]What else will make this happen smoothly?

This is how I envision it
Gas cylinder---double gauge regulator---quick release---manifold w/ valves----gas lines to each kegs----beer line w/ faucet----pint glass---a thirsty mouth. Thanks Charlie
1) I don't think there's necessarily a universal answer as far as whether all manifolds are expandable, but you can certainly pick one that is when you're shopping for one.
2) the manifold gets hooked up by connecting to the existing regulator's output, so no, you could not use something else on the output simultaneously unless you added a splitter, which makes less sense than just getting a manifold with one additional output.
3) I started with a simple Y and upgraded to a manifold, and I'm much happier with it. partly because I can now keep my tank outside the kegerator and just run a single line inside to the manifold, and the valves on the manifold are within easy reach to shut off kegs.
4) Kind of a vague question, depends on where you want it... but the setup you describe at the end sounds reasonable, provided you are also going to make an additional QD-to-corny-QD so that once you disconnect your tank/regulator, you can then connect it to a single keg.

on eBay, the user 'tw05' is selling some pretty cheap secondary regulators which you could use instead of a manifold, then you'd be able to control each keg's pressure individually. You'd need to buy some additional fittings to hook them up, and it'll wind up costing more than a manifold, but if you are thinking of upgrading to multiple regulators later on it might be worth it to bite the bullet and do it right from the start.
That looks good. At some point you can even place secondary regulators after the manifold so you can have beer on different PSI and also have a line that allows you to purge and force carb.
Thanks Brent and Funk
Brent I rather spend a little more now and do it right
Funk eventually want a second gauge for purge and force as you said. Now I just gotta get a kegerator/keezer
Just like everyone on here says, look on craigslist and you will find something. I got a full size one in really good condition for $40. I have 2 kegs tapped right now and one more in there carbing. Up until now i have just used the cobra taps, but last night I got my door tap shipment and installed them. They work great, and probably the easiest thing I have done as far as home brewing haha. I got mine from www.micromatic.com They have a great selection of everything you would need.
I use this manifold from morebeer. They have multiple configurations and are expandable if you need to in the future. I don't need multiple pressures so this (cheap - $27) solution has worked well for me.