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Aug 11, 2006
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Newtown Square
I am going to TX twice in the next few months. Once for a Bachelor party then for a wedding. Can anyone reccommend good watering holes for Bryan, TX or something with a good selection in Austin?
It's been a few years since I've been in Austin but when there, I really enjoyed The Bitter End & Lovejoy's. Bitter End had better beer but I really liked the atmosphere at Lovejoy's. I believe there's a Gingerman there as well.
I recommend austin hands down than bryan. If you go there, head downtown and go to streets 4th - 8th, bars everywhere. There is an Irish bar with great brew and probably the best bar food in austin and live music. But I cant remember the name. Ill post up if it comes to mind.
The Blarney Stone in Bryan used to have the best beer selection in town, cool old joint. Most of the bars around there are for filling Aggies with BMC products as cheaply as possible. Eat a burrito at Freebirds. Tour the bars of Northgate in College Station- really cool atmosphere. I graduated about 5 yrs ago, and the only places with REALLY good selection were Blarney Stone and the Fox and Hound in CS.
HEAD to Austin,

We have a flying Saucer

Bitter End is closed.

PM me and I will give you my cell.
Leaving for Austin this weekend. I figure I should attempt to get to North by Northwest and the Bitter End. Any other notables I should consider?
Ryan_PA said:
Leaving for Austin this weekend. I figure I should attempt to get to North by Northwest and the Bitter End. Any other notables I should consider?
+1 for NXNW. Was just there a few months ago and got some good suggestions in this thread. (EdWort is right on; the roasted garlic appetizer is fantastic!)

If you have time, try El Patio on Guadalupe St. for a real throwback to old-school Tex-Mex.
I have a friend who lived off Congress (it intersect 6th)but always speaks of the warehouse district to avoid the younger crowds on weekends, along with getting better beer selection. And 7th and red river.
There is a Gingerman on 4th and Lavaca, AND Lavaca street bar.
He always says 6th is cruster fluk and for amatures. That's pretty much how I remember it too. If you have kids the childrens museum is really nice but closes early to avoid the nightlife.
Draught House Pub is pretty good, too, and I'll second NXNW.

Be aware, though, that you either need to go to or go around SXSW, which kicked off today.

SXSW has this town on its ear... Lots of people.

NXNW - Brew Pub - they has a special ESB on tap right now that is great.
Drafthouse - local local place.. really cool
Billy on Burnet - They have a nice selection and a more of a neighborhood kinda of place
If you are in the Burbs ... the Dig Pub on Cedar Park is really good
They do not serve any BMC not ONE! ... all great Ales... tons on Tap.

Party on man.
Let's not forget Austin's newest brew pub. Uncle Billy's Brew & Que! This place rocks and if you have your AHA membership card, pints are $2 all day every day.
Sweet, I am excited for this trip. Lots of good drinkin to do in TX it seems. I am going down for a bachelor party for my buddy's younger brother. I know he planned it specifically for the SXSW fest, so I am sure we will be at the swill bars at night, just need to do some good drinkin during the day.
Well that was an intersting trip. It seems I stayed a football throw from NXNW, yet did not manage to make it there. Instead we hobbled through every dive bar on sixth street. Man you guys love Shiner down there.

Cool area, could have done with out the freaks.