GOD I LOVE Apfelwein

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May 30, 2007
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Jenison, MI
I recap of my last 5 days.

I get a lay-off 2 minutes before I'm to punch out on Friday. The foreman tells me two weeks, but the paperwork says 6.
I filed for unenjoyment, the first time in my life (I'm about to turn 34)
I have sent out a resume to like 10 places in the last 5 days.
I now make about 60% less per week.
With every week that passes I will get deeper in debt and if it goes to long will start falling behind.
I go to my shop today to work on my fermenters that I'm building (need to get it done before I don''t have accesses to the equipment that I need)
I walk in there at 12:15pm and half the lights are off (trying to save money) there is one die maker and 4 apprentice working in the shop and just two guys in my office (we were a 75 man shop). Those two are just cleaning and filing everything.
I was then told by my foreman (one of the two in the office) that they just landed 5 dies for a customer out of Ohio and the president of the company has already farmed the designs out to a outside design house (this means no wok for me).
The president cares more about the other company's emploies then his own.
I'm training for a marathon so I have a lot of pain in my body but I'm fighting some pain in my one ankle that should not be there.
I have skipped two runs this week totaling 13 miles and I have to run 16 miles Saturday (not sure how the ankle is going to like that) I'm not a happy man....

Then I come home from the gym after a somewhat painfull 7 mile run by myself because no one in my group (I lead a group of runners, 60 of them) showed up.. Damn pussies can't handle a little coled (25*F)..

Well 48 oz of Apfelwein later (working on 64) and things are looking damn good.

I getting 10+ hours of sleep.
My dogs are not getting locked up every morning.
I'm getting the house clean (damn I can make a mess)
I have time to do what I want and when ever I want to do it.
Will be going to the gym with my Dad tomorrow (only see him like once a month and he only lives 1.5 miles a way)
I can surf the net and not feel bad about it.

I'm telling you, a guy could get used to this not working stuff. :D

GOD I LOVE Apfelwein, it makes things seem so much better.....


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Nov 14, 2007
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Spring Valley
Sorry to hear about the bad luck. Glad to hear about the love of Apfelwein. Good luck in all things from here.