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Dec 31, 2015
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I love this forum, so much great info available and everyone(mostly) is always eager to help brewers from total noob to advanced pros with most anything brewing related. My question is we are looking at possibly getting into RVing of some sort. Not sure if popups, travel trailer are something that will work well for us so I need to do a little more research. I am really looking for recommendations to forums or websites that you guys have found useful in your rving quest. What forum is the HBT equivalent in the rving industry?

Thanks in advance:mug:
I don't have much insight, but I'm interested in this thread, as my wife just retired and I'm semi-retired. We want to travel more, but we like to travel light and want some agility. So, big RVs, trailers, etc., are out for us. And my days of sleeping on the ground in a tent are long gone.

Wouldn't mind getting a good, used version of one of these, and building in some bunks for sleeping.

Good Sam (camping world) has a pretty decent forum. I don’t have the link but if you google “good Sam rv forum” you can easily find it.

A few considerations of course are budget, floor plan, and tow vehicle. Also consider where you want to camp (e.g. some sites in Yellowstone won’t let you camp with a soft side camper such as a hybrid or pop up).

My wife and I bought a small 16’ trailer a few years ago and are now looking at upgrading to a 25’ because we want some more room and a slide.

We used the small one just to get a feel for it and now have a much better idea of “wants” and “needs”.

Well, we really don’t have needs so it comes down to “wants” and “really really wants”. [emoji1]