Glycol or Tower Cooler

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Oct 26, 2021
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Hey everyone, first time posting. I have done a lot of research on the forums before this post, but I'm still stuck deciding between two options.

Im moving into a new house and leaving my minifridge kegerator and graduating. I'm going to convert a standup fridge/freezer combo into a kegerator with 4 through the wall beer taps. The kegerator will be in a utility room adjacent to the bar. unfortunately because of some obstacles, I can't butt the fridge right next to the wall with the taps. Sooo I will have about a 5' run of exposed lines. This will be a straight run, no elbows, no elevation change. I will be making an insulated "tower" housing box in the studs of the wall for the shanks.

The issue, as the title says, I'm just deciding what the best option is for cooling the lines. Should I put a glycol tub in the freezer with a pump, then send an insulated truck line with the glycol and beer lines to the wall? Example:



Or is that over kill for 5'? Should I just use a tower cooler fan to blow and circulate cold air through an insulated pipe with the beer lines to the shanks? Example:

backside of beer taps.jpg

I'm looking for the option that will work best, and be low maintenance. I figure either the pump or fan will die eventually, but I just want a solution that works and doesn't need to be babied. I'm wondering everyone's thoughts and experiences.