Gluten Free Black IPA

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May 18, 2014
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I see on previous thread that someone used red quinoa to make a dark beer. How much would you use to make it a black ipa. Will buckwheat make it darker also if you roast it longer and then let it age a week or two to get rid of the bitterness?


May 17, 2016
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OOPS. Newbie and didn't mean to restart old thread. I thought this had popped into my list as a new post, but it turned out not to be new at all. Now I cant delete it.

I have a gf black ipa in primary. I'll post my recipe when I get a chance. I used malted pale millet as my base. Added a little unmalted dark roasted millet for color, and buckwheat to make it a bit fuller. This is just my 2nd gf beer and efficiency was awful in my 1st (50%), so I supplemented with flaked corn and dark belgian candi syrup. I also wasn't sure how much color to expect from the roasted millet. Think I also added 1 lb of turbinado to up the gravity at the end (og=1.072).

The roasted millet (grouse malting co) gave it a ton of color. Wort was black before adding candi syrup. Either would have been enough alone.

I ended up with much better efficiency on this one too. Didn't seem to have any bitter character to speak of (from the wort pre-hop addition). It was dark and rich and sweet pre-boil. I'm having a really slow start to the ferment though (that's another thread).
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