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Hey Derek,
I came to forum for a similar topic and was given the following link. I have yet to try an actual recipe, but I plan on brewing one in the next few months. My wife was diagnosed with Celiac about 4-5 years ago and her brother was just recently diagnosed this week. Being that I will need some family to drink beer with, I need to get a batch going!

If you start brewing GF, I would enjoy hearing out it turns out and any advice that you pick up along the way. The batch that I am planning is going to mainly use rice syrup as the main fermentable. I am going to try and malt some buckwheat and then roast it for a little flavor and color, and I also plan on adding some oatmeal to give the beer some body. I am not sure about amounts yet.
Hmm...I just googled and it says to avoid wheat, rye, barley and oats.

That's pretty damn challenging in terms of a beer recipe, isn't it? :D

Have you checked out

In any event. I imagine it would mean something like the foillowing, assuming 'GFG' stands for some gluten-free 'grain' like buckwheat or millet:

1) Buy a lot of GFG.
2) Soak it in water.
3) Sprout it briefly.
4) Roast/dry sprouted GFG. (Now you have malted GFG! :D)

Now you do the normal steps of an all-grain brewing. Grind it. Mash it. Sparge it. Boil/hop it. Chill it. Ferment it.
Whoa! I've not heard that step!

And to think of all the beer I've been dumping in the yard ;)

Hey if anyone manages to follow through on a gluten-free beer, I'd love to hear the results. Looks like quite a project.

There is a brewery out east (states) somewhere that is currently making and advertising GF beer. Last I saw the farthest west it is being distributed is in Iowa somewhere. Hasn't made it to me yet. They have a web site for anyone interested.
I got one from a great book called Brewing Crafts by Mike Rodgers Wilson it reads Muscovado sugar 500g raw cane sugar 450g molasses or honey 450g bitterings hops golden cluster pellets 40g finshing hops cascade pellets 10g yeast nutrient 1t safale yeast:)
Is it established that gluten will leech from steeping grains? If there is no barley in the brew, it would be tough to get the color and taste with no steeping grains.

I have a nephew who has Celiac's and my sister has asked me about this. He is only 17 so there is no urgency but sooner or later I am going to attempt this.
Gluten will steep out from all grains.

As was pointed out in another thread, millet & buckwheat can both be malted and roasted to replace most specialty grains. I think this would be the most practical approach. Use sorgum, GF-rice syrup and molasses as the base sugars. The mrgoodbeer link discusses the malting process, which is identical to the barley malting process. Palmer's book discusses toasting & roasting to achieve various specialties.