Giving the SOFC a facelift

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Feb 5, 2012
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So I live in a smallish loft type apartment. I've got enough space to do some electric BIAB and JUST barely enough space to store my bottles and equipment. I built a SOFC last year and while it works great, I have no where to store it but out in the open. That bare pink insulation foam was a HUGE eyesore in the room and apparently an attractive cat-scratching station as well.

Decided to cover the whole thing in black duct tape and started covering it in (mostly) stickers from breweries we've been to. Just started with the stickers, but the plan is to cover it completely eventually.

I think it looks pretty cool, and a conversation starter when we have company over as well. The Mrs' is also much happier that the big ugly pink insulation box is gone. What have you guys done to make your equipment more aesthetically pleasing?

2019-03-25 19.22.56.jpg
2019-03-25 19.23.24.jpg