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Apr 29, 2010
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Several of us fellas in Denver will be doing a "going away" brew for our friend who happens to be a ginger and loves whiskey.

Here is the recipe:partial mash

1lb of Colorado 2 row
1/2lb Special Roast
1/2lb Cara Red
1/2lb Crystal 75
8lbs of extract light

2oz of grated ginger at 10 minutes
Crystal at 60 and 30 minutes
Fuggles at 10 minutes

Irish Ale yeast at 65-75 degrees

6 5 gallon batches will be made and re-racked into our Buffalo Trace barrel for 2nd fermentation. I emailed several of the big guys (Russian River, Boulevard, Avery, Lost Abbey, and The Bruery) and got some great feedback on how to re-condition our whiskey barrel. Some of our answers can be found here

We will be force carbing 15 gallons with Korny kegs and then bottle conditioning the rest for all the brewers to take with them.

I wanted to make a post for any kind of feedback or any hints suggestions that can be imparted on us. Also a place for all 6 brewers to post pics and progress of our adventure.