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Apr 21, 2008
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New Bern
I love ginger beer and I've always thought about making a gingered ale but I've put it off, what with fresh ginger or dried ginger, and how much to use, I figured it would most likely result in a few less than stellar batches before I really got it right, and by then I'd be really tired of ginger for sure.

I was browsing my LHBS the other day and I saw that they sell little bottles of soda flavoring that are supposed to make 4 gallons of soda. They don't have any sugar in them, and I was thinking that this might be a perfect way to get a nice gingered ale. It should have a decent balance of spicy ginger bite to mild ginger flavor, and adding it to the keg would even let me start small and crank it up to the desired intensity.

While I'm thinking about it, gingered apfelwein sounds like it could be nice too.

On the other hand, I could just mix the flavor with a little water to make it dilute and use a food grade pump bottle to put a shot in an individual pint. Yum.


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Jun 6, 2007
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Morganton, NC
I think the ginger flavor is a great idea. I didn't know they made it.

I have a ginger pale ale recipe in my dropdown. It reminds me of Left Hand's Juju Ginger, but with a lot more ginger flavor.

I expect the ginger flavoring would be more consistent though.